Covers Clears and Biminis’

Your covers cop the elements the most and are heavily affected if you don’t take care of them, reducing their lifespan considerably.
Remember, salt spray hits your boat whether you use it or not. Any time there’s wind about it’s picking up the water surface and putting it on your covers. Once the salt crystalises, the suns rays are magnified and deteriorate everything faster.
With this in mind it’s best practice last thing before you leave your boat, to wash down your clears and covers with fresh water, diluting the salt aspect.
If you can wash down your boat roughly every two weeks you will get a lot longer life out of your covers and clears, especially the stitching, zippers and shock cords.
Don’t forget to use a chamoix (shammy) on any clears afterwards to avoid watermarks.
If you can’t afford the time yourself, give us a call and for a small fee we’ll put you on our regulars list.