Teak Decks

Teak is used for decks because of its’ durability combined with the high oil content, making it more weatherproof than most other timbers.
If you are leaving it to go silver the best way to maintain it is with a bucket of salt water and a SOFT broom.
If you are keeping the brown ‘fresh’ look there are a lot of different products on the market with a range of prices and giving varied finishes. Oils, sealers, cleaners and brighteners all spruik different lifespans. The main thing to be on top of is to re-apply before the last coat starts to fail. Otherwise you may get a blotchy look or may need more steps to get the teak ready for next application.
ALWAYS adhere to the instructions as failure to do so can lead to a poor finish or at worst chemically damaging the deck seams.
NEVER, EVER scrub or high pressure wash your deck!! All you are doing is weathering your teak prematurely, greatly reducing it’s life.
We are qualified to apply all of these products and can advise you on re-application times so it looks good for whenever you’re onboard.